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Our facility is equipped with advanced machinery and technologies to ensure efficient production of high-quality rubber components. Key features include:

Raw Material

Raw Material Storage area is meticulously maintained, with imported materials being stored with identification and managed FIFO principle.

Semi-automated Chemical Weighing System

Our system ensures accurate measurements for consistent rubber formulations.

Dispersion Kneaders

Two dispersion kneaders ensure efficient mixing and dispersion of rubber compounds.

Mixing Mills and Calendering Machines

We utilize three mixing mills and calendering machines for efficient processing of rubber compounds.

Hydraulic Compression Presses

We utilize hydraulic presses for precision manufacturing of compression-molded rubber components

Injection Molding Presses

Our state-of-the-art injection molding presses produce complex rubber parts with exceptional accuracy

Rubber Slicing Machine

We have a dedicated machine for precise slicing of rubber materials.

Screw Compressor and Genset Backup

To ensure uninterrupted operations, we have a reliable screw compressor and a backup genset system.

Chilling Plant

Our facility includes a chilling plant for precise temperature control during production.

Testing Equipment

Our well-equipped lab features instruments such as rheometer, tensile machine, durometer, ozone chamber, visual measuring system, densimeter, and Mooney viscometer.

Variety of Chemicals for Testing

We maintain a wide range of chemicals and additives for comprehensive testing and analysis.

These facilities, combined with our skilled workforce, enable us to deliver high-quality rubber components that meet stringent industry standards.


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